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What upcoming service changes and disruptions are forecast?


The following upcoming services are subject to disruption:


Gillingham - Service 140

From Monday 25th November, this service will be diverting to Chatham via Darnley Road, Thornwell Road and will then return back up to Earl Estate. 

On the return journey, this service will divert via Thornwell Road and Darnley Road. 


Liverpool - Services 61 and 61A

From the 20th November until further notice, services 61 and 61A will be diverted from Orrell Lane in Orrell Park. This is due to traffic management in place, required to deal with an unsafe building demolition at Orrell Lane bridge, causing congestion and making it difficult for vehicles to pass.


Services 61 and 61A

  • From Bootle Bus Station as normal to Northfield Road, then right onto Southport Road, left onto Aintree Road, Hornby Road, left onto Rice Lane, continue onto Walton Vale, then resume route to Aigburth Vale.
  • Omits section of Northfield Road, Moss Lane and Orrell Lane.


  • From Aigburth as normal to Walton Vale, then continue onto Rice Lane, right onto Hornby Road, Aintree Road, right onto Southport Road, left onto Northfield Road, then resume normal route to Bootle Bus Station.Omits Orrell Lane, Moss Lane and Northfield Road.